As defined by Law, the person who creates the work is the owner of the Copyright.  When the Client purchases a Digital Negative, you have Unlimited Printing Rights… not Copyright. 

Copyright protects my work, which means it protects you, the Client, because it involves you

I now require that all Clients use the pre-sized watermarked web files when posting on Facebook and all other Internet usage.  Tampering with the web file by removing or cropping around the watermark is not permitted.  This violates the contract between Client and Photographer.

So, what is the Client allowed to do?

  • You may share any purchased digital negatives by email or posting online.
  • You may print an unlimited number of copies sized 8×10 and smaller from the Digital Negative.  All enlargements must be purchased through Phierce Photography
  • You may only post the watermarked web files on the Internet.
  • You may use any purchased image or digital negative in scrap booking.
  • You may use the digital images in a Christmas or Announcement card that you created or another online program.  However, you must state that Photography was by and print the website address anywhere on the card.  {example:  Photography by}

So, what is the Client NOT allowed to do?

  • You may not alter the original digital negative OR web sized file.  This means: cropping around the watermark, turning a color photograph into a BW photograph, altering the digital file in ANY way by using any software editing program that changes the original file in any way. This includes editing the image on the machines used for printing. Make sure that auto adjustments are also turned off.
  • You may not claim the work as your own; enter them into a contest or share with another company without my written consent. 
  • You may not print larger than the 8×10 Digital Negative allows.  You are not given the full sized file and this distorts and degrades the image, therefore is not a true representation of my work.  I do not want your friends and family looking at a pixelated, blurry image!

All images taken at your session will be copyrighted by Phierce Photography by Keith Griner and are protected by Federal Copyright Law. It is therefore unlawful to reproduce his work in any manner other than ordering from the CD. Please respect Keith’s livelihood and the care and attention paid to each of your images by adhering to copyright laws. Moreover, as an artist Keith wishes to have control over the final look of his client’s images.