Session Tips


Lifestyle Photography is about adding life, perspective and emotion to photos. It is about showing your family’s personality.  Let’s take one entire hour out of your family’s life and out in on paper. It could be a walk on a trail or park, having a tea party, playing in a sprinkler, throwing football or Frisbee, playing with bubbles, or having a picnic. Let’s have fun, and let others have a glimpse into your world.

Once we schedule a session, we will have a consultation on wardrobe, what to bring, and on the best location that suites your family.


 It really is ideal to photograph newborns before the age of two weeks – and the younger the better. There are a number of reasons for this. New babies change every day and we would want to capture that sweet newborn look before it so quickly fades away.  Also, during the first weeks of life, babies fall into a very sleepy state, making them pliable and less likely to be disturbed as they are positioned and re-positioned. This early time provides a wonderful opportunity to capture those peaceful, curling, sleepy images. These sessions can take anywhere between 2-3 hours. This leaves plenty of time for diaper changes, cuddles and feedings.  Please bring wet wipes.

Children One Month and Beyond

Please note that one of the most challenging periods to photograph occurs from the time your child can walk (beginning especially around 15 months) to about 2.5 years. That is another reason to do these sessions outdoors so your child is at ease and can be on-the-go and wanting to explore.  These are the moments I recommend capturing.  Also, I recommend dressing your child for fun and in bright colors.  This will only enhance these special images. Please bring wet wipes or tissues.


I want your children to feel at ease and to have fun while capturing who they are, not just what they look like. Bring more than one outfit, and avoid loud logos. Layered, textured, or patterned clothing look great, and don’t forget accessories like hats, headbands, boots, necklaces, & their favorite items